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Witness Statements to Strengthen Injury Claim

The success of your injury claim may end up relying on witness statements. Anyone can be used as a witness, as long as they have something relevant to say. This means that if a friend was with you at the time of the accident, you can have them make a statement on your behalf. If the situation was really questionable, their bias may be brought up. Still, it won’t hurt your case by having them give a witness statement.

More than likely you’ll be seeking out strangers as witnesses. If the accident is one where the police make a report, there’s a good chance they’ll have collected statements of their own. Witness statements will wind up in their report, and you’re entitled to use that report in your injury claim.

Do your best to get the name, address and phone number of anyone who saw the accident take place. You’ll want to talk to them as soon as you can about what they saw.

When you talk to witnesses you need to ask particular questions to get the best information for your claim. First ask what they saw. Have them explain the accident from their point of view and in their own words.

If they actually say that the other person was at fault, ask them why they think that – their answer may give you more evidence. Saying the other person was at fault is just an opinion, not expert witness testimony, but it’ll definitely work in your favor. You also want to know where they were located when the accident happened. This will tell you whether or not they had a good view of the scene.

Don’t forget that these people have nothing at stake. They are making a witness statement about something that they weren’t involved in. People know they aren’t obligated to make a statement to you. That means you should approach them calmly and politely. You want them to want to talk to you. Don’t be forceful with your questions, and don’t demand anything of them. Act grateful and thankful for anything they offer.

Witnesses may not want to give you some of their personal information and that’s okay. The more you know about them the better, but you’ve got to take what you can get. If they give a phone number, but no address, don’t pressure them for more information.

Lastly, make sure you get any witness statements as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you’re filing your injury claim – memories fade over time and witnesses will likely forget many of the important details.

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Witness Statements to Strengthen Injury Claim
Witness Statements to Strengthen Injury Claim

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