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Why is it so Many People Love the Toyota Corolla?

If the Civic Can Pull of Weird so Can the CorollaOver the past hundred years there have been countless automotive success stories that have all revolutionized both our lives and the industry. This has been shown to us time and time again be it with the mass production defining Ford Model T to Toyota’s “on-time” manufacturing process to Honda’s CVCC engine that proved Government smog standards could be achieved without neutering all engine power (if you were wondering that happened in the 1970s too).

Oh yeah there is one more thing-the Toyota Corolla has broken all records and become the bestselling car of all time when looked at it from its inception in the 1950s. More than the VW Beetle, more than the Honda Civic, more than the Ford Model T-more than pretty much anyone. But why is it when you travel around the world you never notice streets clogged with Corollas. As they are Toyotas it is highly probable that they are all still running. Oh, I remember. You don’t notice them because they hold all the visual excitement of a new Toaster Oven.

While no one can deny that the Corolla has a reputation for being a truly reliable car is that all there is to life? Just imagine how ridiculous it would seem if someone set you up on a blind date and said, “She might not be much to look at but she sure is reliable!” While life can be scary, lonely and you may live your life paycheck to paycheck there is no reason why any car should skid by just on its reputation for starting each morning.

It isn’t even like the Corolla is a particularly good deal. Starting at $15,350 (which pretty much buys you four wheels, an engine and a transmission) you really do have to start spending serious cash on your Corolla option-wise to even get decent seat upholstery. The seats in the S model are fine for first time drivers but grownups will no doubt prefer the mouse fur in the XLE or the “sport-seats” designed to hold leprechauns in the XRS.

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Why is it so Many People Love the Toyota Corolla?
Why is it so Many People Love the Toyota Corolla?

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