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What Is General Automobile Insurance Coverage?

General automobile insurance is a term that is often used to refer to a policy that has both collision and liability coverage. This is the typical auto insurance policy that is written for most consumers.

General Automobile Insurance - What Is General Auto Insurance Coverage?

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The liability portion of the coverage is what will pay the other driver for damages to their car or injuries sustained by them or their passengers. It is required in every state except for New Hampshire, and even there legislation is pending that will make liability insurance a requirement.

When it comes to liability insurance it is important that you know the insurance company will only pay out to the amount of coverage you have purchased. If there is ten-thousand dollars worth of damages and you only have five-thousand dollars worth of coverage, you will be held personally liable for the other five-thousand dollars.

In addition to liability coverage most drivers will also purchase collision coverage. It is not required if you own your vehicle, but if there is a lien holder on your car it is likely they will require you to purchase collision coverage as a condition to the car loan. This is the coverage that will pay for your car to be repaired after an accident.

This type of insurance policy can be found online for significantly less money than it can be from an auto insurance agency. This is especially true if you are driving a new car due to the expense of insuring a newer vehicle.

In order to give yourself the most chances to find the lowest priced policy you should request quotes from several automobile insurance companies. This is because every car insurer will offer you a different price on a policy, so the more quotes you get, the better chance you’ll have in finding the cheapest coverage.

We hope that you now have an understanding of this type of general automobile insurance policy. By understanding what you are paying for you will be a far savvier motor vehicle insurance consumer.

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What Is General Automobile Insurance Coverage?
What Is General Automobile Insurance Coverage?

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