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Volkswagen Golf MK6 Review

Review of Volkswagen Golf Mk6It may not be possible for you to live without some of the things which you have enjoyed for long. This is exactly true with the Volkswagen Golf. There is a long history behind the present model of Volkswagen Golf Mk6.

VW Golf was not a very exciting car in the beginning. It had a box like bulky shape and was more expensive than its competitors. However, there are people still who have loved it for many years. What is the secret behind their affection for this car?

It was nearly 35 years back when the first Volkswagen Golf was introduced. Since then it has been very popular. It has been a great pleasure for decades for its many lovers who have watched it to develop to a sleek, round and aesthetically pleasant shape what we glance today. VW Golf is having elegance and style in it. Although it is a German make, but it is more like British.

The latest Volkswagen Golf Mk6 is styled based on the model PQ35 from earlier model Golf Mk5. Volkswagen Golf Mk6 was conceived by its head designer Walter de’ Silva, who got inspired by the earlier models of VW Golf, particularly Mk1 and Mk4. The latest model Volkswagen Golf Mk6 is more fuel efficient, aerodynamic and quieter in operation than earlier models. The interior quality has been revamped to match that of VW Golf Mk4 and the user-friendliness of Mk5 has been retained.

Volkswagen has selected the really very good Mk V GTI and fine-tuned it in many crucial respects. Volkswagen Golf Mk6 is available in four versions of petrol engines and three types of diesel engines. The engine is lighter and more powerful and economical. You may choose a twin petrol engine 1.4 litres developing 160 hp, which is exceptional for a vehicle of this size. It has a supercharged and turbo charged powerful engine. Driving the new car is an exciting experience which you could not find in the old version.

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Volkswagen Golf MK6 Review
Volkswagen Golf MK6 Review

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Volkswagen Coverage Quote on VW

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