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Virginia Car Insurance Policy Cover Me

Does your Virginia car insurance coverage cover you when you’re out on 2 wheels instead of 4?

Will My Virginia car Insurance Policy Cover Me While I’m Riding My Bike?

Even with winter right around the corner the balmy temperatures of summer are still hanging out, enough so that many drivers are choosing ecologically (and economically) sound methods of transportation even after many parts of the country have seen their first snowfall. In other words, they’re still leaving their cars in the driveway and riding their bikes around town!

As drivers, most of these eco-savvy individuals (I’ll let you decide what the “eco” stands for!) know the importance of staying well insured. What they don’t know is how far their Virginia car insurance policy will go to cover them when they’re out on their bikes.

Not surprisingly, a Virginia car insurance policy isn’t going to do a whole lot when you’re out on two wheels instead of four (unless you’re riding around on a motorcycle, but that’s a whole different ball game). There are a few exceptions, however. If a cyclist is out on the street and they’re hit by a motorized vehicle (i.e. something with an engine) the liability portion of that driver’s auto insurance policy should pick up the tab for both their medical care and the damage to their bike.

Virginia Auto Insurance
24k gold and Swarovski crystal from Arumania. Photo found at

Hey, with Arumania peddling a gold plated bike jazzed up with genuine Swarovski crystal and sporting a price tag of $102,418.60 it’s good to know that cyclists aren’t going to be left in the lurch trying to figure out how to come up with the money for another set of wheels.

Riders may also find that the medical payments portion of their Virginia car insurance policy (which is totally optional at purchase) will cover injuries resulting from impacting a large, steel monster that’s twice their size; however, ordinary health insurance coverage is usually enough to do the trick.

Surprisingly, it’s going to be their home insurance rather than their Virginia car insurance that’s going to turn out to be the dedicated cyclist’s best friend. A bicycle is usually considered to be a possession rather than a vehicle, which means it’s lumped under a basic home insurance policy. That also means that if a bike’s been stolen, it’s going to be the cyclist’s home insurance policy that picks up the bill to buy another one, usually at its current cash value. (Chances are, that Arumania isn’t going to depreciate too much!)

It’s also possible that, should the cyclist cause an accident, the liability portion of that same home insurance policy will take care of the damages, but it would be a good idea to check with an insurance agent first.

While a Virginia car insurance policy might not do much good while you’re out on your bike, winter is a-comin’. Now’s the time to make sure your policy is in good shape and your coverage is up to snuff so when those cold winter snows start to blow you can kick back and relax, knowing that whenever the plows finally get around to plowing out your street you’ll be ready for it.

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Virginia Car Insurance Policy Cover Me
Virginia Car Insurance Policy Cover Me

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