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Vintage Volkswagen Repair Shops in Boise Idaho

A Case of Classic Volkswagen Mechanics in the Preferable Boise Area. Those of us who collect vintage Volkswagen in Idaho beetles & air-cooled VW mini buses fast discover that many mechanics don’t be learned how to work on these older, much classic cars. For the finest service on a classic Volkswagen, a VW owner should tarriance a repair and service shop that specializes in older representation, vintage Volkswagens.

Whether you are a community of Boise or merely driving wound up, this is a listing of vintage VW mechanics in the Boise & adjacent Garden City world that will get you & your classic Volkswagen back on the method in no time.

Allan’s Automotive is a entire service VW shop that’s been in the Boise valley for fairly some time. Allan’s Auto has repaired a few of our family’s classic Volkswagens over the age and is reasonable, honest, & reliable. Allan’s Automotive is located at 214 W. 40th Street in Garden Municipality, just off Chinden Blvd. The Idaho telephone number is 208.345.3421.

RMF also specializes in Volkswagen restores and advertises same age service. RMF is located at 1661 N. Amber street which is off Fairview, near Curtis Pathway in Boise. The phone symbol at RMF is 208.322.5789. I haven’t been to RMF myself however the reviews I’ve read at seem to demonstrate that this shop is speedy, affordable and a great situate to do business.

Jeff’s Import Car werkes has been recovering Volkswagens at the same mark since 1980 and is other local favorite VW repair shop. Jeff’s is located at 4433 Adams Street in Garden Municipality, one block north of Chinden Blvd. The call number for Jeff’s Car Werkes is 208.376.4686 in Idaho.

Wagon Works is the at the end of the four vintage Volkswagen recover shops in the Boise globe, specializing primarily in VW micro buses. Wagon Works is located at 5310 W. Chinden Blvd. in Garden Megalopolis, near the fairgrounds. The call number for Wagon Works is 208.375.6114.

Necessitate directions? Here’s the conduct link to Map Quest which will favor you with easy instructions to all four of these Volkswagen recover shops in Boise, Idaho.

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Vintage Volkswagen Repair Shops in Boise Idaho
Vintage Volkswagen Repair Shops in Boise Idaho

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ID Insuring Motor Car in Idaho State

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