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Toyota Estima Minivan Insurance

The Toyota Estima is also known as the Previa or Tarago, depending on what country you are in. This sleek minivan was introduced in 1990 and has undergone a few changes since then. Produced in Japan, it was first sold in the United States in 1991. It has been a popular minivan in Australia as well as in Europe, where there is a large market for the used vans exported from Japan.


The 2007 Toyota Estima offers the option of a 2.4 L or 3.5 L engine. The Hybrid version (currently only available in Japan) has three electric motors, two for front-wheel drive and one for rear-wheel drive.

Despite the fact that it is a minivan, the Estima gets about 24 miles per gallon and includes an overdrive button which allows for better mileage on highways by converting the transmission into a four-speed one. It reaches speeds of up to 112 mph, depending on the engine used.

As a minivan, the Toyota Estima is not exactly built for high-performance drivers, but it does stand up well to the daily grind of shuttling kids to and from soccer games.


This minivan is one of the more stylish family vehicles on the market with a streamlined exterior and spacious interior. The large windows, combined with narrow door posts allow for nearly 360º visibility, a fact that is appreciated by safety-conscious drivers.

The third row of seats folds down automatically with the push of a button for extra cargo space. The second row of seats, mounted on tracks, actually recline for greater comfort and even have their own footrest. In the eight-seat model, the second bench seat can be split into a double seater and a single. Both of these can be swivelled around to face backwards. The seats may also be folded down to form a bed, a very useful feature.

Two different stereo options make music a truly impressive experience in the Toyota Estima. With up to 11 speakers built into the headliner, the listener gets full surround sound whether listening to a concert or watching a DVD. The stereo is streamlined into the interior design, as are all other interior features such as air conditioning,

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Toyota Estima Minivan Insurance
Toyota Estima Minivan Insurance

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