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TX Vehicle Insurance Coverage in Texas

When looking to insure a vehicle in Texas, it’s important that drivers know what is required of them by state law and then know what else is available to purchase. Without the right kinds and amounts of coverage, drivers will be left paying for accident repairs out of pocket. We know what insurance is needed in Texas; do you?

TX Vehicle Insurance Coverage in Texas

texas auto insurance quotesAre you shopping around for Texas auto insurance? If so, you’ve come to the right site. We’re well equipped with ways for every driver to not only find great coverage for their vehicle, but we also have ways to find it for a great price. The best way for any Texan to do this is by gathering a number of quotes to verify who is offering the lowest price on their coverage. From that list they can choose their insurer and policy and purchase online if they choose. It’s really just that easy.

Gathering Texas Insurance Quotes
What process comes to mind when you think about gathering car insurance quotes? Does it include contacting each insurer individually, speaking to a representative from each company for a while and then moving on to the next company? We have found that process to be quite mundane and, honestly, a waste of time for someone who is looking for vehicle coverage immediately. A better, more effective way to gather quotes would be to use the quote comparison tool found on OnlineAutoInsurance.com. It starts by asking for the local Texas zip code, and then proceeds by asking for some basic information about the driver, their vehicle, and also the coverage they would like to purchase. How is this saving time? Simply stated, we ask one set of questions and in turn provide a list of quotes given by a number of providers. If you were to contact each insurer and ask the same questions to them and answer all of their questions (which are very similar), you’ll find you have spent time repeating yourself to get the same information we provide.

Another great option in using our quote comparison tool to gather quotes is the applicant or driver can go back through the questions and while keeping the information about the driver and vehicle the same, they can change the types and amounts of coverage they want to add onto their policy and see how this causes the price to fluctuate. Then the driver can even compare different policies to each other and see what the best coverage is for their budget.

Texas Insurance Requirements
All drivers in Texas should know they are expected to carry a certain amount of auto insurance to comply with the state’s laws. These amounts include a minimum of $25,000 for bodily injury liability per person and $50,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage liability per accident. This is called a 25/50/25 policy. Coverage can be increased to help drivers have better protection if they need to pay for an accident they caused. Both of these types of coverages will not apply towards the expenses of the policyholder, but to the other party in the accident when the policyholder is at fault.

Drivers who neglect to carry auto insurance, whether they feel they can’t afford it, don’t want to purchase it, or forget to renew their policy, will be facing serious consequences if they are caught driving. Some ways they could be caught include not having proof of insurance to show a traffic officer during a traffic stop or at the scene of an accident (regardless of who caused the accident), or the State Department of Insurance will be notified by the insurer that the policyholder hasn’t renewed their policy. Also, vehicles typically cannot be registered without proof of insurance. The penalties that will be given for failing to carry at least the minimum requirements include the suspension of the driver’s license and/or the vehicle’s registration. Fines may also be included. Added on to this will be the fees it will take to reinstate the license and registration. Depending on the number of offenses, the driver could face time in jail.

If the policyholder desires more coverage than the state minimum requirements that will include him or her and their vehicle’s protection, they will need to purchase coverage types like comprehension and collision, uninsured or underinsured motorist liability, and possible coverage to help pay medical bills such as medical payment or personal injury protection. Coverages like comprehension and collision give the driver protection in that no matter what causes damage to their vehicle, the insurer will pay for the repairs. It could be damage caused by another vehicle, an animal, or the weather and as long as these options are purchased, the insurer is obligated to pay for the damages once the deductible has been paid.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist liability options, when purchased, will enforce the insurer to pay to repair the policyholder’s damaged vehicle when the cause was done by a driver who has no or very little insurance. Without this type of insurance, the policyholder when in this situation will have to either wait for the uninsured driver to have the money to pay, take them to court to get the money, or pay for the damages themselves.

Medical coverage is a wonderful addition to an auto insurance policy, especially for drivers who have little or no personal healthcare policies. Different types of medical coverage will pay for different things. Medical payment coverage will pay for the medical expenses of the driver/policyholder and other members of the policy. It’s a pretty basic coverage. Personal injury protection offers a bit more coverage, where it will pay for lost wages and the medical expenses of passengers, even if they are not on the policy.

Why Are Rates Changing?
Rates have changed over the past few years; changed meaning they’ve increased. There are a number of reasons why Texas insurers increase their rates. One is because they have seen too many claims be filed and in order for them to continue to make a profit they must increase the money coming in to offset the money going out. Another reason is because of the economy, and they are trying to stay afloat and make sure their profit margin is satisfying to their shareholders.

Cheap auto insurance Texas begins by using our quote comparison tool and then following through with choosing the lowest priced policies. A policyholder will be able to get the best coverage when they know what is available and what they can afford.

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TX Vehicle Insurance Coverage in Texas
TX Vehicle Insurance Coverage in Texas

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