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Tungsten Rings: How to Clean My Rings?

One of the things that make tungsten rings really special is the fact that it is completely maintenance-free.

Tungsten Rings – How to Clean My Rings

One of the main selling points of tungsten rings is its strength and ability to endure a life time of usage. Made from a hard metal called tungsten and carbon, tungsten rings have become the wise choice for both men and women.

Tungsten rings are maintenance-free because aside from the fact that it can’t be easily damaged, it has the ability to maintain its natural shine. This means you don’t have to polish or clean it regularly. You can wear tungsten rings all the time. No need to take them off when getting your hands wet and dirty.

One of people’s concerns is how to clean their rings. They find it very inconvenient to constantly take off their rings and clean them to make them look new and beautiful. With tungsten rings, you won’t have that kind of worry simply because they will always look new. It would seem like you’ve just bought the bands.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t every take some time and clean your tungsten rings. If you want your rings to be shinier and more appealing to those around you, here are tips on how to clean them:

1. Use a soft, dry cloth to rub away fingerprints. Fingerprints can make your rings look oily and take away the ring’s shine. By buffing off the prints, you will bring back the sparkle of your tungsten rings.

2. Use a brush to wipe away the “scratches.” Some people may think that their rings are scratched. In reality, these are just some pieces of metals that have attached themselves in the ring. Tungsten doesn’t get scratched because it is a very strong material. Use a toothbrush and warm water to scrub the ring. Use a few drops of mild detergent when cleaning your rings to make the process a lot easier.

3. After you have brushed and wiped away the rings, make sure to let the dry totally. Use a soft dry cloth to do it. Wiping them dry is important because it can prevent spots on the ring.

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Tungsten Rings: How to Clean My Rings?
Tungsten Rings: How to Clean My Rings?

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