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Travel Insurance Plans for Indian Consumers

Indian Insurance Plans

Indian insurance is classified into various types and these plans are specially designed to meet the necessities of the Indian consumers. Based on individual needs, Indian Insurance Plans will provide its patron a plan that will surely correspond to his/her basic requirements like: Overseas travel insurance, Student insurance, Health insurance, Motor insurance, Personal Accident insurance, Domestic travel insurance and Home insurance.

Before actually purchasing a plan, a wise consumer should fully understand his/her needs and options to make a knowledgeable decision. Browse through different insurance products to learn the benefits, exclusions, sum assured, deductibles, Co-insurance. Below is a list of different Indian insurance categories for you to choose from:

Health Insurance

Health ailments are unexpected for everyone and health insurance safeguards the insured from unexpected financial catastrophe during a medical emergency.

Health Insurance Plans are distinguished as Individual’ and Family’ plans. Individual health insurance plan is designed to cover the insured alone whereas Family plan is for your entire family. Family plan in health insurance is usually called as family floater’ by most of the Indian insurance companies. Family floater is worth buying than compared to individual health insurance policies. The sum assured in the family floater’ can be optimally utilized by your entire family.

Overseas Visitor Travel Insurance

Indians while traveling to foreign countries require proper insurance coverage. Travel insurance is also called as overseas visitor travel insurance that is specially designed for those who are traveling out of India to foreign countries. Once you are out of your home country then your domestic health insurance coverage becomes ineffective.

Indian Visitor Travel Insurance is very essential if you are traveling to an unfamiliar location. Health care in overseas nations is not at all cheap and may bankrupt you if you do not have travel medical insurance.

Student Insurance

Overseas education is very common for Indian students these days. While going abroad for education students need health insurance coverage.

Student Medical Insurance covers you for medical expenses, Sponsor protection, Bail Bond etc and helps you continue your studies smoothly. International Insurance products will not cover you for protection and compassionate visit. Medical Insurance is a mandatory for students in many overseas universities.

Motor Insurance

A motor vehicle is almost treated as another family member by the owners. In the present hectic traffic, safeguarding your vehicle from collision and damage is very difficult. The cost of repairing the damage may leave you with huge bills. To get financial assistance during such crisis you require Motor insurance. Under the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act all the vehicles, which are running in public places must have Motor insurance policy at least to cover third party liability, as specified under the Act.

Personal Accident Insurance

Accidents are always unpredictable events and sometimes ruin us psychologically and financially.  Personal Accident Insurance gives compensation to individuals against death, loss of limbs, loss of eyesight, permanent total disablement, permanent partial disablement and temporary total disablement, solely and directly resulting from accidental injuries etc. These unanticipated events can kill your peace of mind. Personal accident insurance secures the insured from financial crisis during such emergencies.

Home Insurance

Natural calamities are recurring nowadays and devastating the landscape. Your dream home requires a proper insurance coverage to shield from financial loss during a natural calamity. Home insurance can cover losses to the structure and contents of your home from any natural or man-made calamity. The disasters that can be insured against are fire, earthquakes, storms, cyclones, tempests, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods or inundation, lightning strike, explosion, landslides, impact by vehicles or aircraft, and bursting or overflowing of water tanks and pipes.

Domestic Travel Insurance

Insurance coverage is essential whether you are traveling to domestic or international destinations to avoid financial crisis during an emergency. Unexpected events like flight delays, baggage loss, ticket loss etc. can spoil your travel experience. Domestic insurance assures financial safety during unexpected emergencies while traveling within India.

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Travel Insurance Plans for Indian Consumers
Travel Insurance Plans for Indian Consumers

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Holiday and Tour Travel Insurers

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