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The Toyota Starlet GT Turbo was first introduced in 1990. It was powered by a turbocharged version of Toyota’s 4E-FTE Engine. The 4E-FTE was the most powerful of the E series engines ever produced. It was produced exclusively for the Toyota Starlet GT Turbo, the 4E-FTE engine boasted power figures of 133.3bhp, the Starlet claimed to reach 0-60 in an incredible time of 6.2 seconds which at the time was unheard of in such a small hatchback vehicle, these figures were usually only to be found in large coupe’s or sports cars, the GT Turbo’s power figures paired with Toyota’s unwavering reliability and affordability created and instant demand for the car.

The GT Turbo went through some minor cosmetic changes in 1992, which involved remodeling the bumpers and rear lamps, once again in 1994 some small cosmetic changes were made to the Starlet, the front lights were altered and a new front grill introduced. Two limited edition versions of the GT Turbo were produced; the GT Limited and the GT Advanced, both these model’s featured some minor changes including new steering wheels and gear shift knobs, a rear strut brace, and ABS brakes, these models were easily distinguishable by there two-tone paint scheme & factory option decals. Production of the Starlet GT Turbo ended in December of 1995 clearing the way for Toyota’s next hot hatch, the Glanza V Turbo.

The Glanza V Turbo was based introduced in 1996, it was based on the 90 series chassis of the Starlet, it was again powered by Toyota’s 4E-FTE Engine but due to it’s heaver body was not quite up to par with the GT Turbo, Toyota attempted to compensate for this with the Ct9b Turbocharger which was slightly more powerful than the previous Ct9a. The Glanza V boasted many modern features including ABS brakes, power steering, and air conditioning, like the GT Turbo, the Glanza went through some minor changes in 1998 with a new body-kit, and remodeled interior. Production of the Glanza V ended in 1999.

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Toyota Starlet Turbo Insurance
Toyota Starlet Turbo Insurance

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Toyota Automobile Motor Insurance

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