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Toyota Sienna Experience Money Can Buy

Toyota Sienna is a very comfortable and roomy minivan that has many features that make it the vehicle of choice for family travel. Living with it is nothing less than a dream ride to and from work. It is all about an easy ride to all the holiday adventure sites of your choice.

How about a vehicle which can be loaded with personal features that matter? There are four available trims for this model. The CE model is available in four-wheel drive form only. Other trims are LE, Limited and XLE. This is a minivan model whose arrangement of seats you are in full control of.

Need more room for your cargo? Just fold the seats in the third row and there you are with your amazingly large space for your overflowing cargo. The forward momentum of this vehicle is offered by a 266hp V6 3.5 liter engine. The automatic transmission of the five-speed scale is also part of the pace-setting acceleration specifications of this wonder vehicle.

Safety hasn’t been compromised here. The airbags that are in the form of a side curtain cover all the three rows. We are also talking of a vehicle that even has side bags for the front seats to maximize on security. The anti-lock brakes are also a plus and a big one at that in the quest by the manufacturer for more security for its customers.

When the Toyota Sienna was launched in the North American market as an alternative to Toyota Previa, an extended platform for the development of higher-quality Toyota model had been created. This was meant to ensure that what the Toyota market presented was what the customers needed.

Is it any wonder then that this model was baptized ‘Camry of minivans’? In terms of miles per gallon, this vehicle comes with great fuel economy. The 16 city/ 22 highway rating is very impressive indeed. The competition that resulted from other look-alikes from other manufacturers did not shake the prospects of this model. The main reason for this was the introduction in 2001 face lift in the form of Toyota Sienna LE.

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Toyota Sienna Experience Money Can Buy
Toyota Sienna Experience Money Can Buy

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Toyota Automobile Motor Insurance

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