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Top Five Driving Dangers

My Ten Cents WorthThere really needs to be a Top Five Driving Dangers manual on the worldwide web, so I have created it. And after you read it you will probably see one of your own pet peeves listed in the Top Five Driving Dangers I outline. But if not, feel free to let me know what you would add to my list and I’ll create a new Top Five Driving Dangers manual, because afterall, drivers need to be safe–from pedestrians and cyclists.

Top Five Driving Dangers: Cyclists

Cyclists make my top five driving dangers list because I almost cremated two of them last night as I attempted to pull away from a stop sign in the dark of night. They weren’t wearing helmets or reflective gear and their bikes weren’t properly “lit up like a Christmas tree” either.

But my car was. My headlights shined as brightly as a lamppost and was right in front of the path they were about to take to cross in front of me, so they don’t have the luxury of saying they didn’t know I was there; they did. So they top the Top Five Driving Dangers list.

And did I mention that the one who almost bit the bullet zoomed past and had the audacity to act like I should have seen him? The nerve! So cyclists are numero one on my Top Five Driving Dangers list–and due to his culture, and my run-ins with that culture before for similar driving debacles–you will see that culture make the list again…and again…and…

Top Five Driving Dangers: Pedestrians

People who walk to work probably aren’t the problem; it’s people who walk because their license was pulled due to drunk driving or drugs. Those are the ones you need to worry about, since they may decide to unexpectedly dart out in front of you in order to cross a street or get to the other side of the road on their timetable; not yours or the pedestrian traffic laws.

I have had a couple of such pedestrians cross in front of me…one while I was stopped at a stop sign and was about to pull away (I hit him–or more accurately, he hit me, since he walked into the side of my car; not the front of it, showing I had already started to move when he crossed onto the road).

Top Five Driving Dangers: Foreign Drivers Who Are Drinkers

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Top Five Driving Dangers
Top Five Driving Dangers

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