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Top 5 Nostalgic Indian Cars

Indian roads have been graced by numerous cars till date. Some of these cars were phased out and many still continue to exist. Some of these cars were renovated to match the latest trends. In spite of all these, there exist a handful of cars that have etched into the minds and hearts of all Indians. There was once a time, when these cars ruled the Indian roads with their ubiquitous presence. They are nostalgic to all Indians. Let us call to our minds our most favourite cars that now exist in history books.Hindustan Ambassador

The Hindustan Ambassador, fondly called the Amby, can boast to have graced Indian roads for over sixty years. The car came into being in 1954 at the mill of Hindustan Motors. The oldest design of the Ambassador was taken from the old Morris Oxford model. The Ambassador is the biggest example of generous interior space. The seats used to be comfortable, upright and perfectly cushioned. The car had plenty of legroom and head space and a huge boot. The car had been made to suit the Indian roads.Premier Padmini

The Premier Padmini was dominated Indian roads from 1968 to 2000. Now this car is found plying on the roads of Mumbai as a taxi.

The Premier Padmini debuted in India as the Fiat 1100D with a 1,089 cc 4-cylinder engine. With minor facelifts over a period of time, the Fiat 1100D was named Fiat 1100/103, Fiat Millecento, Fiat 1100-Delight, Premier President and finally became the Premier Padmini. The Premier Padmini was the most favourite family car which was designed for Indian road conditions.Sipani Dolphin

The Dolphin was manufactured by the erstwhile Sipani Automobiles. The Dolphin was the clone of the Reliant Kitten. The car came with an 848cc Reliant engine that gave superb drivability and performance. The Sipani Dolphin was a two door, peppy car that was made of fiberglass. The car came with rear-wheel-drive. The car ceased to be with the advent of the Maruti 800.Tata Estate

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Top 5 Nostalgic Indian Cars
Top 5 Nostalgic Indian Cars

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Automotive Automobile Reviews

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