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Tips to Save Money on Gas

You see gas-saving tips everywhere these days. But how much can you really save by following those tips? Well, the savings are pretty impressive. Obviously no one will have allthese car problems at the same time, so your savings will be substantially less than the full 52,970 shown here. But if you follow these tips, you will notice a difference in your fuel costs. The savings are based on driving 20,000 miles per year, in a car that gets 20 mpg, with gasoline priced at 54 a gallon.

Save $950 by keeping your tires at the right pressure

Surveys show that 50 percent of us are driving on underinflated tires. You can’t “eyeball” tire pressure; you have to check it with a tire pressure gauge (less than $5). lt’s worth your time to check tires monthly, because

underinflated tires can cost you about $800 a year in wasted gas. lmproper air pressure can wear out your tires twice as fast, costing you an additional $150 a year. The recommended air pressure for your vehicle’s tires is on the decal pasted to the driver’s door or pillar.

Change spark plugs before they’re due

lf your 100,000-mile spark plugs have 80,000 miles on them,they’re 80 percent worn. Misfires and incomplete combustion occur more frequently during that last 20,000 miles, costing you almost $600 in wasted fuel. You have to replace your spark plugs anyway, so do it early and pocket the savings. Even if you have to replace the plugs one extra time over the life of your car, you’ll still come out way ahead.

Save $360 by changing your air filter early and often

Your engine sucks 14 million gallons of air through the air filter every year. lf it can’t get enough air,the combustion efficiency will drop by at least 10 percent. Air filters are cheap (less than 5l 5) and you can replace them yourself. Replace the filter at least every 10,000 miles or once a year, and even with that expense, still save $360.

Save $180 by keeping your car aligned

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Tips to Save Money on Gas
Tips to Save Money on Gas

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Automotive Automobile Reviews

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