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Tips for Traveling by Car at Thanksgiving

Travel by automobile today is more hazardous as the number of drivers using cell phones has increased. I read in the news on Yahoo that there were more than 5,800 deaths and 515,000 injuries caused by distracted drivers, including cell phone use and texting last year. Being prepared ahead of time by figuring out your intended route will be one less distraction that you will have to face as you travel this coming holiday.

A family member wanting route and local driving directions for their intended trip has called me several times while I was at home. I made sure that the individual was not driving, and then I went to Yahoo and selected their map section, where I could type in a starting point and an address, including city and state, and then have given complete driving directions including local driving instructions.

Some people who travel extensively find a portable GPS system worth the investment. While I have not had any personal experience with these types of systems, I was told that one could purchase a system at a variety of stores. I know someone who has something similar that came as an option with a car that he just bought. I am not sure what it cost him, but it is an on-star system, and he told me that it gives very detailed driving instructions based upon your current location.

If you are traveling with children, you can anticipate that they will have a variety of needs along the way. Providing them with snacks and a variety of games will keep them occupied. You may also consider a game that everyone can play together, such as identifying license plates from other states or going through the alphabet and finding items that begin with each letter. Remember that children may require a restroom breaks more often than adults do. If possible, the family might want to consider a stop along the way for entertainment purposes, such a visit to a museum. Some places may have family plans, free or reduced rates for children, depending upon their ages.

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Tips for Traveling by Car at Thanksgiving
Tips for Traveling by Car at Thanksgiving

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