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Tips for Improving Your Motor Fuel Economy

Simple Adjustments Can Increase Fuel Economy Considerably

There are many tips for improving your fuel economy. For the most part, improving fuel economy isn’t much more difficult than making small adjustments to your daily driving habits. When you make changes to your habits, you will experience lower fuel costs and you can also improve the life of your motor vehicle. Here are ten easy ways to improve your fuel economy.Tips for Improving Fuel Economy #1
An easy and almost free way to improve your car’s fuel economy is to keep your tires inflated. The only time inflating your cars will cost money is if you have to put a quarter in the air machine at the gas station. Of course, a quarter is nothing compared to your fuel savings. You can save 4% of your fuel costs if you just keep your tires inflated.Tips for Improving Fuel Economy #2
Use the proper grade motor oil and you will experience a 1-2% savings on your fuel economy. Certain motor oils contain friction-reducing additives. Look for motor oil that says “Energy Conserving” on the API performance symbol to ensure that the motor oil you purchase contains these additives. This will also help to increase your fuel economy.Tips for Improving Fuel Economy #3
If you are carrying unnecessary baggage in your trunk, remove it and you should see your fuel economy increase. It takes fuel to haul extra weight, and if you don’t need whatever is in your trunk it’s just like throwing money away. Tips for Improving Fuel Economy #4
When gas prices are $2.44 per gallon, every 5 mph you drive over 60 mph is like paying an extra 24 cents per gallon for gasoline. This figure increases as gas prices increase, so speeding can wreak havoc on your fuel economy. If you obey speed limits and take your time getting from point A to point B you can save a lot of money.Tips for Improving Fuel Economy #5
Don’t allow your car to idle. Many hybrid vehicles have an auto-stop feature which shuts the car’s gasoline engine off when the car is idling. This is because idling uses gas, even though you aren’t moving. If you are stuck by a train or long light, shut your car off.

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Tips for Improving Your Motor Fuel Economy
Tips for Improving Your Motor Fuel Economy

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