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This New Mazda Sedan Has Plenty of 6 Appeal

The Mazda6 Brings Style, Class and Sophistication to a Class Dominated by the Staid Camry(Starting at $19,200)-(21 city/30 highway-4 cylinder)-(17 city/25 highway-V6)–Fans of the sweet handling and sexy styling of the Mazda3 needn’t fret if their family has grown and they need a larger sedan. Mazda has been gracious enough to bestow its new 6 withToday’s Popular Searchesemmy winners | Neil Patrick Harris | kate gosselin | house season premiere | khloe kardashian

head turning looks, a classy cabin and plenty of driving enjoyment. Just because you have to pretend to be a grown up by buying a larger sedan doesn’t mean you have to live without the patented “zoom-zoom.”

The exterior of the Mazda6 is a true style revolution with enough flair to impress the folks at Fashion Week in New York City. Take that Isaac Mizrahi! The interior, while not exactly ground breaking from a design perspective, features chunky controls for the A/C and radio along with plenty of soft touch plastics for those with sensitive fingers. Free from the usual design frippery, the interior controls in the 6 are easy to understand even if you are a bit on the “slow” side intellectually. And let’s be honest here-most people never read their owner’s manual. You know I am talking to you.

If you are the sort of person that savors every aspect of the driving experience (and if you are reading this, you probably do) the Mazda6 can be ordered with a stick-shift on the 2.5 liter 170 horsepower 4 cylinder models. As is expected in any Mazda the shift action is smooth and clutch take up is easy to modulate. While the Mazda6 manual not as fun to drive as a Miata it is as close as you can get in a four door family sedan.

If you were born with lead deposits in your feet you will probably want to upgrade to the tire scorching 3.7 liter V6 with 272 horsepower. This engine gives the 6 something that isn’t quite “zoom-zoom” but more like “please judge don’t take my license away.”

While the swooping lines of the Mazda6 mean it has a little bit less head and legroom than competitors who ever said that being pretty was easy? If you are in the market for a four door family sedan but still want to look cool and have fun doing it you really need to make a stop at your local Mazda dealer. What? Were you going to get a Camry? Come on now. You can do better than that.

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This New Mazda Sedan Has Plenty of 6 Appeal
This New Mazda Sedan Has Plenty of 6 Appeal

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