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Things You Should Know About Winter Driving

Winter is around the corner. If you drive and live in a cold climate, you will need to know how to drive and take care of your car properly in those months. Driving in snow and ice can be challenging and also very scary. So be educated, prepared and ready before heading out on treacherous winter roads. You will need to make sure your car is properly maintained prior to those cold winter months.

If your car needs a tune-up or is due for regular service do it before the cold weather sets in. Make sure you or your mechanic checks out the battery, charging system and the belts. Make sure your defroster works, you will need your defroster quite a bit in the cold weather. Check the cooling system. Make sure the antifreeze that is put in your car will protect your car when the temperatures hit their lowest. If your coolant hasn’t been changed in years, get the cooling system flushed. Check for any leaks and get them fixed immediately. Always make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition and keep the washer reservoir full at all times. Replacing your wipers with winter wipers is an excellent idea. They have rubber coverings that keep ice from collecting on the blades. When buying windshield washer, make sure it is the kind that does not freeze in very cold temperatures. Keep your gas tank close to full. This will help if you get stuck or stranded, the engine will be your only source of heat. If there’s snow on the ground, make sure your tailpipe is completely clear. Check it every half-hour.

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Things You Should Know About Winter Driving
Things You Should Know About Winter Driving

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