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The Versatility of GPS Devices

GPS DeviceGlobal Positioning Systems or GPS are quite the rage with car owners and their use has doubled over the past few years. This has made automobile manufacturing companies a favorite target for GPS device makers. These GPS devices allow a car driver to get directions to the place that he wants to go to, and also allow him to watch the progress of his journey towards the destination by maps in the GPS. Some of these devices are also attuned to giving traffic alerts and can accommodate a cell phone. The devices may be permanently fixed in a car or remain portable. The portable models can be taken out of from the car at the end of the journey.

Permanent GPS devices can be fixed on the inside of the windshield of your car by suction cups or can be positioned on the dashboard with a friction mount. Installation is simple and does not require any expertise or fancy tools. One of course needs to make sure that state laws permit the use of such devices, as there are some states like California which do not permit such permanent installation. You can even purchase the GPS device from the manufacturer and follow the rather simple instructions for its installation. Permanent fixtures of GPS in cars are in-dash devices and will have a clean look to the car dashboard.

Portable devices come in many designs and types. They are rapidly becoming popular because of the versatility of the device which allows a cell phone to be added on, a car tracking device as well as a PDA (personal digital assistant). The handiness of the device allows it to be carried in and out of the vehicle quite easily and can also be used by you when you are travelling on foot. So carry it with you when you go on camping trip. There is however a difference in performance of portable devices when it concerns their mapping abilities and other features. Such portable GPS devices would normally offer only coordinates of latitude and longitude, but the more sophisticated ones would offer three dimensional maps and even voice directions to the destination.

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The Versatility of GPS Devices
The Versatility of GPS Devices

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Automotive Automobile Reviews

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