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The Ten Safest Cars

When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle you will most likely look into several key features: what the gas mileage is, how the car rides, and most important, the car’s safety rating. Safety is a crucial factor in buying a car because you will want to know you will be kept safe in the unfortunate occurrence of a car accident.

BMW 5 Series

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration), the safest car in 2008 was the BMW 5 Series. It has rear and side airbags, high vision system and hill start/decent systems (which help you from rolling back on hills).

MINI Cooper

Air bags come standard on the MINI cooper as well as antilock brakes. There is also a roll bar for all convertible models.

BMW X5 Series

Coming in third on the NHTSA top safest cars list was another BMW, this time the X5 series. The X5 comes with front and side airbags as well as anti lock brakes, traction and stability control as well as rollover sensors. For a little extra money you can go with the rear view camera and parking sensors.

Cadillac CTS

As the highest rated American built car, the Cadillac CTS comes in at fourth on the list. The car comes with full side and front airbags as well as anti lock brakes, traction and stability control, in addition ton OnStar, which allows you to call for help if you are caught in an accident and can’t reach your cell phone.

Cadillac SRX

Following up the CTS is the Cadillac SRX. This car comes with the standard front and side airbags as well as the stability control and brake assist system. OnStar is also provided on the SRX as well.

Mazda CX-7 Sport

This Mazda vehicle made the list exclusively due to its crash tests ratings. Both the front and side impact crashes were rated with five stars by the NHTSA due to the cars ability to keep the passengers safe.

Dodge Charger

Like the Mazda, the Dodge Charger received a five star front impact award, while receiving a four star for side impact. For a little extra money you can opt for the side curtain airbag additions.

Toyota Camry

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The Ten Safest Cars
The Ten Safest Cars

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