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Thanksgiving Car Travel Tips for Families

Over the River and Through the WoodsThanksgiving is popular time of year for holiday trips and if you’re traveling via car with your family, you might be dreading it. We’ve all heard the song, “Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go”, depicting a happy, wholesome family car ride to celebrate the holidays. It sounds charming, but in reality, a long family road trip can be challenging and difficult. Here are some road trip tips to help your Thanksgiving family car trip more enjoyable.

Thanksgiving car Travel Tip #1: Pack entertainment options for the kids. Kids are going to get restless on any long car trip, so if you don’t to hear “are we there yet?” every five minutes, take any or all of these items along:

Portable DVD player: Movies will keep kids entertained for about 1.5-2 hours. Rent movies from RedBox - at only $1 per night, Red Box stations have thousands of convienent locations in fast food and gas station (where you’ll be stopping anyway!). Rentals can be returned at any Red Box station in the country.

Gameboy, Nintendo DS, Leapster: Make sure to pack headphones or you’ll hear game music.

Books or books on tape: Traditional books will keep a child entertained, as long as she isn’t prone to motion sickness. Books on tape work well for motion-sick prone children.

Travel games: Travel games and ideas are available at your local library or any bookstore. You can also find free, printable travel games at and

Thanksgiving car Travel Tip #2 Food:
Bring along bottled drinks and pre-bagged snacks. This will cut down on frequent stops for drinks and food and save money. Avoid messy food to keep your car clean. Before your trip, freeze several bottles of water. Frozen bottled water can act as an ice pack to keep your other food cool, and you can drink it when it thaws. If you’re bringing along a Thanksgiving dish, make sure to properly store it so it won’t melt, get warm (if applicable), or topple over.

If you stop at a fast food place, pick a restaurant with a play area. Kids can burn off that pent-up energy, and perhaps wear themselves out for a nap later on.

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Thanksgiving Car Travel Tips for Families
Thanksgiving Car Travel Tips for Families

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