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Texas Auto Insurance Claims Increase Halloween

Allstate Auto Insurance recently gathered data that showed an increase in Texas auto insurance claims for hit pedestrians during the week of Halloween.  This is according to the article “Texas Pedestrian Accidents Jump 23% During Halloween” by Kristen Beaman for Allstate found on reuters.com.

Allstate looked at claims in Texas over the last 5 years and found a large jump in accidents around trick or treating.  Last year, Allstate claims more than doubled over the Halloween week compared with the rest of 2008.  Their data matches up with a report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety which showed that October 31 is the 2nd highest day of the year for pedestrian deaths.  The first is Fourth of July.  With Halloween falling on a weekend this year, there may be more people out than normal so it’s crucial that drivers are extra careful.

The article offers some important tips to follow while out on the road, especially at night when pedestrians are out.  Never drink and drive.  A designated driver should always be assigned before heading out for the evening.  Texting while driving can be very dangerous so keep your phone in your pocket until you can pull over to text or make a call.  As a pedestrian, it’s a good idea to avoid texting while walking.  Anything that takes your eyes off the road can be very dangerous.  Not only will following these steps make you a safer driver but it may eventually lower your car insurance quotes.

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Texas Auto Insurance Claims Increase Halloween
Texas Auto Insurance Claims Increase Halloween

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American Coverage Rates in USA

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