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Teenage Driving in New York Peak during Summer

In the state of New York, New York auto insurance purchases for teenage drivers peak during summer and Christmas season. This may be good news for insurance companies, but for parents of teenage drivers, the said seasons may not be worry-free for them.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, sales for young driver’s car insurance soar during the months November, December, and March to June. Based on a research conducted by Students against Destructive Decisions, during summer, months between March to June, teenagers spend 44% more hours driving compared to any other months of the year.

Another study conducted by Students against Destructive Decisions also reveals that 16-year-olds, regardless of the time of year, have higher car or vehicle crash and auto accident rates compared to motorists of any other age. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that included in the leading causes of deaths among 16 to 20 year olds in the United States are car crashes and vehicle related accidents. Reports from NHTSA also indicate that risky behavior commonly attributed with teenage driving such as talking to friends inside the car, talking on mobile phones, eating, text messaging, and not wearing seat belts contribute greatly to this statistic.

Insurance Information Institute Vice President, Loretta Worters, said in an interview that lack of adequate driving experience and immaturity are two main contributors to the high automobile accident rates among teens. Worters mentioned that even the best and well trained teenage drivers lack good driving judgment that comes from years of driving experience. She said that this fact greatly affects the reaction and recognition of teenage drivers to dangerous situations on and off the road. Particularly in New York, Worters point out that teenage drivers have strong tendencies to be involved in risky road behaviors such as tailgating and speeding.

Meanwhile, local organizations and private insurance companies are mobilized to cure and improve teenage driving in New York. Local organizations organize summer lessons for teens, educating them about the hazards of teenage driving and the damages that await risky driving behavior. The Insurance Information Institute even takes part of this by making campaigns promoting teenage driving safety such as information campaigns and publications. Private auto insurance company offer services such as young driver education courses and safety driving programs for teens.

According to Loretta Worters, it is about time for the state to pay close attention to the issues concerning teenage drivers in New York. Indeed, educating teenage drivers contributes to a more responsible and safer generation of adult drivers.

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Teenage Driving in New York Peak during Summer
Teenage Driving in New York Peak during Summer

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