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Teen Driver Going to College? Review Auto Policy

Handing your teenage driver the keys to the family car was traumatic on so many levels, not the least of which was the impact on your auto insurance. For teens’ parents, that’s a big ticket item. Now that your son or daughter is headed off to college, there could be some relief in sight.

How far away is the college your teen driver will be attending? If it’s more than 100 miles from your home and the car your teen drives doesn’t go off to college, too, you may qualify for a premium discount by listing your teen as an occasional driver. The actual savings will be based on how much it cost you to put your teen driver on your insurance policy in the first place.

If your teenage driver is taking a car to school or attending school closer to home, you can continue to carry your teen on your automobile policy and look for discounts elsewhere. You can get more affordable teen driver insurance if your child is a good student, for instance. Many teenage auto insurance quotes will include significant discounts for good grades - the better the GPA, the bigger the discount. Note that these discounts can apply if your teen goes away to school, too.

You also have the option of buying separate car insurance policies for your teen drivers. Just be prepared to pay a higher premium and to lose any multiple-car discounts you have in place.

As long as you’re reviewing teen auto insurance quotes, look into these savings options:

- Teen driver discounts for clean driving records and completion of certified safe driving or drivers’ education courses

- Bump up to a higher deductible to lower the premium

- Put your teen driver behind the wheel of a conservative family car loaded with every safety feature and anti-theft device available

- Compare quotes online. Auto insurance quote for teens online are free, fast and easy

- Have your college-bound driver sign a personal responsibility contract that spells out expectations and penalties for failure to live up to them

- Encourage your teenager driver to join SADD, Students Against Drunk Driving. Remember, your goal isn’t just to save money on teenage driver insurance. You also want to ensure that your child makes it through college in one piece.

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Teen Driver Going to College? Review Auto Policy
Teen Driver Going to College? Review Auto Policy

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