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Tata Nano: Truly a People’s Car

Tata NanoTata Nano is the cheapest dream car that has become a reality conceived through absolute innovation and is available at a price of $2500. Launched on March 23, 2009 in Mumbai, India, the car is perhaps going to change the perspective of ordinary people to own a car. Tata Nano is rightly named the people’s car.

Tata Nano is a result of sustained efforts in technical advancement, enthusiasm and ambition to produce people’s car by their involvement. Tata Nano is built with primary essential features to cut down its cost to the bare minimum to make it available at a cheapest price thus fulfilling the promise the company made to the millions of people.

Tata Nano has salient features, which have helped to minimize its price at the same time to achieve higher efficiency in fuel consumption and abiding by the norms of pollution. This is indeed an applaudable effort.

This People’s car has an all aluminum 33hp two cylinders multi point fuel injection type petrol engine mounted on its rear. Tata Nano is equipped with a gear box with four speeds. This car is a rear wheel drive.

There are a couple of facts, which of course cannot be ignored. There is no air-conditioning provided in the basic variant of Tata Nano. There is no provision for a radio system either. The people’s car is made with its bumpers bonded to its body instead of welding them. All these involve the effort to bring down the production and fabrication costs.

Tata Nano follows the safety standards that are above par the regulations in India. The people’s car has a body of sheet metal and strong passenger compartments provided with crumple zones for resisting the impact. Tata Nano’s doors are intrusion resistant. car has strong seats, seat belts and its rear tailgate glass is bonded to the body.

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Tata Nano: Truly a People’s Car
Tata Nano: Truly a People’s Car

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