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Swinton fined £770,000 for PPI mis-selling racket. Assurance news and latest UK car insurance events in United Kingdom. What is happening in British car insurance business? UK automotive companies, commercial auto ins quotes and premiums in UK. Online automotive broker comparison of swinton fined 770000 for ppi mis-selling racket and competitive mobile insurance bills for women drivers. Hire car insurance uk: latest events and insure your prestige mobile with discount assurance payments. Prestige motorbike collision insurance adjusters in Europe and insurance.

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Swinton fined 770000 for PPI mis-selling racket

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Do you wish to insure your motor vehicle for cheaper price and puschase the top insurance quotes from insurers dealer? Check the best motor vehicle insurance remarks about swinton fined 770000 for ppi mis-selling racket stated online in «CAR INSURANCE UK: LATEST EVENTS» paragraph of our news overview for insured people.

Swinton Insurance choose Open GI in NI

Swinton Insurance, the high street broker, has chosen Open GI technology to run its Northern Ireland operations, providing around 300 users with support. The contract between the two firms is to last for four years, and includes the Open GI core trading system, support services and powerful reporting software. Swinton is going ...

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has fined Swinton Group £770,000 for serious failings in the sale of single premium payment protection insurance (PPI).

The high street broker will also be contacting over 350,000 customers who paid for the cover and offer a full refund.

The regulator found that between December 2006 and March 2008 the firm’s PPI sales process was flawed by an “assumptive” selling technique.

That is to say, PPI was automatically included in insurance quotes without first establishing that the customer had any need for the insurance.

In addition, Swinton did not make it sufficiently clear that PPI was optional and did not properly disclose the cost of PPI at the point of sale.

Instead, the cost was folded into the initial insurance quote.

Swinton PPI customers can now apply for a full refund and the firm will pro-actively review previously rejected claims and pay compensation where appropriate.

The broker accrued approximately £7.8 million from its PPI sales before exiting the market in March 2008, following a request from the FSA.

The regulator’s director of retail enforcement and financial crime, Margaret Cole, says the breaches were deliberate.

She adds: “Swinton was fully aware it should establish a customer’s need for PPI before recommending it, yet nearly half a million policies were sold to customers who didn’t necessarily require them.”

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Many policyholders prefer to ask: "How can I get budget automotive insurance price in Dallas?" or "Can I find budget auto ins price for teenagers?". The answer is simple: notice the topic "Swinton fined 770000 for PPI mis-selling racket" about car insurance uk: latest events and look at the themes for experienced from the direct car insurance experts.

Swinton fined 770000 for PPI mis-selling racket
Swinton fined 770000 for PPI mis-selling racket

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