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Surprising Things About Car Insurance Covers

While it’s no fun to find out your car insurance does not cover certain items or events under your policy, you will be happy when you discover surprising things your car insurance does cover. All car insurance policies differ, as do their offerings, and some or all of these things may be covered by your car insurance policy.

7 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know Your car Insurance Covers

Pet Injury Costs

If your pet was injured in a car accident, your car insurance may pay a portion of your veterinary bills. In order to qualify in your state, you may need to have both comprehensive and collision coverage. If you are unsure if your car insurance company covers bills for pet injury costs, call them today and find out. If this type of coverage is important to you, shop around for a car insurance company which will cover pet injuries caused by car accidents.

Help keep your traveling pet safe by caging or harnessing them while in a vehicle, advises the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Asset Protection

If you are sued due to a a car accident, your car insurance could help you defend yourself. Consumers who purchase liability coverage beyond their state requirements may be covered if they are sued for damages by an injured party due to a car accident. car insurance policies with high-end liability amounts are called umbrella policies.

Electronics and Extras

Some car insurance policies offer coverage for “additional customized equipment” which may include stereo, TV systems, GPS systems, truck bed liners, trailer hitches and custom paint. Additional Customized Equipment is an optional coverage which may be worth adding to your policy if you have valuable customized components on your vehicle.

Unlicensed Teens

Driving teenagers with permits do not have to be added to a car insurance policy until they actually receive their license. Rules and laws about teen driving change frequently.

Tip: Check in with your auto insurance company before allowing any new family driver to get behind the wheel.

Borrowed cars

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Business Transport Protection Carriers

Many students offten query about average road device insurance protection in Baltimore or commercial auto mobile assurance assurance for security driver. The answer is simple: study the thread "Surprising Things About Car Insurance Covers" about automotive automobile reviews and focus on the advices for teenagers from the best motorhome insurance providers.

Surprising Things About Car Insurance Covers
Surprising Things About Car Insurance Covers

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