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Student Car Insurance and Great Discounts

According to statistics, drivers under the age of 25 and over 75 are the most dangerous motorists on the road. Each year, they are involved in more car accidents than other age groups. This means that student drivers and seniors cause more mishaps than all other motorists.

While the data may be disheartening for college students, there is actually no need to despair. Teen motorists and college freshmen can find affordable student car insurance by simply arming themselves with important information about the auto insurance industry.

Because insurance companies place heavy emphasis on studies and driving experience, young motorists virtually stand no choice of getting lower premiums on their own. Their relative driving inexperience and lack of maturity are often cited by insurers as the primary factors for the higher than average insurance rates. To make up for this lack of experience, teen drivers can join defensive driving classes and programs. These accredited courses give students the chance to hone their driving skills and enhance their knowledge. Once completed, they can then qualify for considerable student car insurance discounts. Insurance providers usually recognize young drivers who successful finish these programs as more responsible motorists, hence the discount.

Parents also need to emphasize to their college freshmen the value and importance of keeping a clean driving record. Young drivers should keep in mind that their records will play a crucial role in their future, especially when it comes to purchasing car insurance. College students should start being responsible motorists from the very beginning to maintain spotless driving records. Traffic tickets and citations can spell disaster to insurance providers. Because they consider these kinds of reckless motorists as high risk clients, they would often slap on high insurance premiums.

Student drivers can also cut back on insurance expenses by simply using older and less expensive cars. Insurers determine rates based partly on the type of car being driven by a motorist. Young drivers can get substantial student car insurance discounts by choosing vehicles that are valued less. Aside from the providers’ assessment, car owners can also drop the collision and comprehensive coverage. In most cases, it is often cheaper for the car owners to pay for damage repairs from their own money than shell out more money for added coverage.

Finally, young drivers can also qualify for discounts if they perform exceptionally well in school. Most insurance firms offer “good student” discounts to young policyholders who do well academically. This can eventually help them get more affordable student car insurance coverage.

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Student Car Insurance and Great Discounts
Student Car Insurance and Great Discounts

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Car Insurance for Young Drivers

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