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Steps to Take After Car Accident to Protect Yourself

Review this list of steps you need to take after a car accident, to prepare yourself should the unthinkable occur. Immediately after an accident, you may be shook up or in a slight state of shock, and having a printed checklist may help you move through the process smoothly, while protecting yourself from future lawsuits or erroneous clams in the future.

5 Steps to Take After a car Accident

Immediately after any car accident, turn off your car. This may seem obvious right now, however, it is not the first thing you may think about after your vehicle collides with another vehicle or object.

Check for Injuries
First, check yourself for injury. You won’t be able to help anyone else if you are injured. Check passengers in your car for injury. Also verify that nobody in the other vehicle or vehicles is injured. If anyone is injured, call 911. Use blankets and basic first aid to help any car crash victims, but do not move anyone who is unconscious or seriously injured, unless there are smoke and flames coming from the car.

Call the Police
Some people do not want to involve the police or their insurance companies when they are involved in a car accident. Your best protection against inflated or erroneous claims by another party in the future is to have the police document the scene. When the damage to your car is going to cost more than your deductible, it makes sense to have a police report filed.

By calling the police you will also have the other driver’s name, license plate and insurance information, which you will need when filing a claim. Having the police there will also remove the hassles involved with you trying to get information from an uncooperative (at best), or inebriated (at worst) driver. If the accident occurred on a turnpike or state highway, call the State Police.

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Steps to Take After Car Accident to Protect Yourself
Steps to Take After Car Accident to Protect Yourself

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