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Stay Awake Behind the Wheel

Who doesn’t like a fun road trip? The trick is finding ways to enjoy the time spent when you’re actually ‘tripping’ down the road. Yet for many of us who’ve actually had the joy of driving a vehicle typically filled with snores and yawns approximately 2 hours into the 12 hour drive, coming up with creative ways to stay awake behind the wheel usually becomes more of a concern. Sure, it’s always great to play classic games like ‘I Spy’ or sing pointless rounds, countless times, but what happens when everyone else is sleeping and your trusted co-pilot has slipped into la-la-land? In no particular order, here are 10 ways to stay awake behind the wheel during a long road trip.

Road Trip Driving Tip 1.) Don’t put the vehicle in cruise control. When driving a considerable distance, don’t give in to the temptation of putting the car in cruise control. As time progresses and you naturally get more tired, resorting to ‘footless’ driving can translate to a dangerous accident.

Road Trip Driving Tip 2.) If you really can’t stay awake, pull over to take a nap or have another drive take the wheel. This may go against your ego, but driving the whole way doesn’t earn you a medal of endurance or anything. Keep it safe and stop when necessary. Also, don’t be stubborn in not allowing other capable drivers to drive if you need the help. This top 10 list may be about ways to stay awake, but I’d rather you sleep while another person drives to keep it safe.

Road Trip Driving Tip 3.) Play ‘I Spy’…by yourself. Who said this childhood game couldn’t work without a minimum of two players? What’s better than never losing at a game that no one dared could be played alone? You’re really pushing the limits now.

Road Trip Driving Tip 4.) Chew on some ice. Look, I don’t know where you got the ice from, but assuming you were able to stop by at a gas station or Seven Eleven, chewing on ice is actually a great way to keep yourself awake. I also don’t know how it works, but I do know that it does.

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Stay Awake Behind the Wheel
Stay Awake Behind the Wheel

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