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Specific Health Insurance for Pregnant Women

Types of Health Insurance Available For Pregnant Women

Based on the research of the American Pregnancy Association, results show that there are approximately 13% of pregnant women in the United States that do not have health insurance during their pregnancy. But the question is, is there an available health insurance for the pregnant women?

One of the most prevalent programs is Medicaid. It is a nationally funded program that offers medical coverage for low income pregnant women. Details regarding this plan can be obtained through local health department. Consult the experts and find out if you’re eligible for this plan.

If you do not qualify for the government health programs, there are other options for you. There are some discounted health programs which are offered by private providers. These plans can help you save money on your medical bills, especially during pregnancy. For example, one program offered by Maternity Advantage offers great discounts up to 60% off of the cost of your medical care during the period of your pregnancy.

Alternatively, you may also avail of the short term disability insurance where you can get a certain percentage of your salary when you are unable to work during pregnancy due to specific health reasons.

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Specific Health Insurance for Pregnant Women
Specific Health Insurance for Pregnant Women

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