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Significance of Home Insurance for Extensions

The importance of Home Insurance for extensions

As house prices begin to increase, adding some extra space can help your home attract the highest possible appraisal and probably make more profit if you do decide to sell your home in the future. But remember, before making some changes, make sure that your house insurer is aware of your plans.

Putting up extensions and converting present rooms are perfect ways to get your property valued at the higher end of the market. Several homeowners in Ireland prefer to enlarge their home by constructing additional dining rooms and lounges for example. You can also convert your garage into an extra room to increase your home’s value.

Since premiums cover the number of room currently in your house, they should automatically increase as added rooms are built. In order to find the cheapest policy you may like to get various quotes, so as to compare and choose the best deal.

As soon as you have had new buildings constructed, it is important that these and the rest of your home are sufficiently covered by your house insurance. Make sure that you get quotes for both Contents and Buildings insurance when you are looking for policies that will cover your new rooms. While the latter can help you finance the reconstruction of your extensions and other conversions, you will need the former to protect your expensive goods, including computers and televisions.

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Significance of Home Insurance for Extensions
Significance of Home Insurance for Extensions

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