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Set to Raise Car Insurance Rates in Michigan

A original study reveals that Michigan is moment in the whole United States when it comes to deer collisions. Business analysts say that the statistics could be used by insurance providers as a justification for another round of payment hike in Michigan. A study sponsored by a troop of Michigan car insurance agencies show that drivers in Michigan include a one in 80 chance of colliding with a deer. This places Michigan in symbol two spot for such auto crashes, just next West Virginia with a one in 39 possibility. Statistics also reveal that more collisions happen around Oct, November, and December.

The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG), a state group, reports that there were 6,000 collisions of that type in southeast Michigan alone back in 2009. The next year, state total went up to 62,000. This resulted to 13 human casualties. SEMCOG, in sync with Michigan Deer Breakdown Coalition (MDCC), is planning to up thrust a program which aims to up thrust deer-car crash awareness among motorists. MDCC, an organization based in Lansing, Michigan, was created in 1996 to specifically residence the growing cases of such occasions.

MDCC on its website reports that deer-device crashes cost drivers & Michigan car insurance dealers in the MI state $150 million in every year. The average claim filed for every accident is at $2,000, with more of the damages sustained at the front site of a vehicle. In severe cases, a auto could be left unusable.

Analysts disclose that the recent cumulation in deer accidents will unavoidably push Michigan auto insurance rates up. Consumer groups state that this will basis greater burdens on the stuff of policyholders since Michigan already has the 12th top car insurance premium costs in the country. The groups telephone out to drivers to join in an attempt to reduce deer-vehicle collisions to prevent further rise in premiums rates in Set to Raise Auto Insurance Rates in Michigan province.

MDCC enumerates ways motorists can reduce their risk of avoiding device crashes with deer. Volunteers, mostly working for administration offices, tell drivers to be mindful of deer-crossing signs since they signal an active deer crossing world. They also point gone that deer are more active from 6 to 9 pm.

They announce Michigan drivers to take additional precautions when they examine antelopes crossing the street. The animals normally travel in herds so it is very feasible that more will cross the street. MDCC reminds motorists in Michigan state that deer whistles are not forever reliable. The group as well advises drivers not to swerve absent of the way if collision can no longer be avoided owing to it will only cause them to lose authority.

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Set to Raise Car Insurance Rates in Michigan
Set to Raise Car Insurance Rates in Michigan

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MI Motorcycle Insurance in Michigan

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