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Selling Structured Settlement for Business

Structured settlement payments are popular financial tool arranged after a court judgment on a personal injury tort claim. This tool replaced the old way of paying lump sum which is very inconvenient for the paying party’s part. These structured settlements come in a form of annuities setup for years in the future. One of the reasons behind the structured settlement payments’ existence is the expectation that the injured individual cannot obtain any fixed income through a regular employment or any other manner. Conversely, this is not always the reality. Actually, most injured individuals can recover and are able to return to their respective work without the additional help from a structured settlement payment to cove the medical expenses or some sort of disruption or loss of income from unemployment. Without the needed help to augment income every month, there is the major drive to rather sell the structured settlement than wait. It might not be recommended to sell your future payments as it spells comfort for many years to come but it is certainly a good option to sell it for a valid use of the big amount. This leads us to the main point of this article. Selling the structured settlement is a good way to raise money for a business start up. If you have a great investment opportunity in mind you have been planning for in the past, this moment is simply a great way to start an even better way to bigger returns in the future and that is through a business. Let us take an example to illustrate our point further. The lawsuit you won granted you a structured settlement payment deal for a comfortable 8 years. If you need a $25,000 capital as an initial cost to begin your business, you can plan to sell only your last 5 years of future settlement payments. In the next 3 years, you will still be receiving monthly payments as part of your income. Why? This is because it is recommended to keep a security net that you can fall back on when the business venture fails. By keeping a part of your settlement income, you have enough funds to still support your family while the business is not yet self-sufficient especially in the first three years. In the first 3 years of your business, you will be able to support your family regardless of what happens to your business. This will also provide a good amount of time and room to let your business be established.

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Selling Structured Settlement for Business
Selling Structured Settlement for Business

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Insurance Structured Settlements

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