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Secret Tips for Maintaining Your Car Battery

How to Maintain Your car BatteryYou may be in a hurry to go somewhere, and your car does not start. Or it fails to start after you have come out of an auditorium. The battery is not working. It is suffering a deep discharge. You feel it quite irksome. You can easily avoid the situations like that. You should not use a maintenance free car battery; rather it is better to buy a low maintenance battery and do the small maintenance it needs on regular basis. If you follow these tips for correct car battery maintenance, you will never be in that awkward situation and can ride the car without problems.

In fact, it is very simple to maintain a car battery. Not only it makes the battery to work uninterruptedly but also it extends its working life. The battery maintenance requires a bit cleaning and regular checking of the level of the electrolyte. You have to use rubber gloves and a pair of safety glasses as safety measures against the sulphuric acid used in the car battery and work in a properly ventilated place to avoid any harm from fumes. It is advisable to follow the instructions provided by the battery manufacturers.

It is better you keep a tool kit containing the protective gear and necessary tools in your car or garage. You should include spanners, adjustable wrench, brass wire brush, emery paper, waterproofing grease and baking soda in the tool kit.

For doing the maintenance, loosen and remove the cable clamps at the terminals of car battery. Next open the clamps holding the battery and take it out from the car. Clean and wash the topmost surface of car battery using baking soda and water. Then remove all the rust from the clamps and terminals using a 535 mesh wire brush and an emery paper. When the cleaning is finished, put the battery back into the car and put the clamps in proper position. Fix the cable clamps also on the terminals and tighten them. Apply some grease on the battery clamps.

Next step is to examine the electrolyte in the battery. Check the level of the electrolyte. The electrolyte level should be just below the splash outlet. If you find the level to be lower, add a little distilled water to make up the level. This protects the battery plate from getting dried out.

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Secret Tips for Maintaining Your Car Battery
Secret Tips for Maintaining Your Car Battery

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