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Schools To Offer H1N1 Vaccine

Schools May Offer H1N1 Vaccine

In a recent development about H1N1 vaccine, it was said that approximately half the school districts in the county, including the largest San Diego Unified, are currently in negotiation with the Health Department about making it available in school based clinics.

As kids are among the most vulnerable when it comes to contracting swine flu, Mark Sawyer, M.D. of Rady’s Children’s Hospital, believes that it just makes sense to offer immunizations on school campuses. “Everybody is there and kids in school are all in the appropriate age group to get the H1N1 vaccine,” Sawyer said.

Spokespersons from the San Diego Unified District and Chula Vista Elementary District both said they can’t plan logistics until they have reliable numbers of the availability of the vaccine. It has been reported that there’s a limited supply of the H1N1 vaccine in San Diego hence some are in doubt if people who are not considered a top priority can also get vaccinated instead of just those who need it most.

“A person could be a household contact with a child of less than 6 months we don’t ask them to bring the infant with them. If someone’s pregnant, if they’re not obviously pregnant, we don’t ask them for a pregnancy test,” said Wilma Wooten, M.D., M.P.H. with San Diego County Health & Human Services  Agency. “So we are asking people to be patient. Not to make assumptions that people that are in lines shouldn’t be getting the vaccine.”

First-priority will be given to pregnant women, children between 2 and 18 years without chronic medical conditions and healthy caregivers of infants less than six months old.

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Schools To Offer H1N1 Vaccine
Schools To Offer H1N1 Vaccine

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Health Insurance Quotes Medicare

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