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Save Money with Your Car

With gas prices on the rise, and SUV dealerships beginning to look a lot more like ghost towns - is there a sane person on the planet that still wants one of these things?!? If saving money on gas has become a higher priority for you lately, then try these suggestions to save money.

Become a smart gas-shopper - Who would have ever thought that shopping for gas would become as much a wise budgetary move as shopping for a kitchen appliance (a fill-up almost costs the same for some)? These days, every cent counts. And because of the soaring cost of fuel, more and more tools and avenues are becoming available for saving on it. One way to save money on gas is to be aware of where it’s the cheapest locally. Here’s a Google search to help you discover cheap gas prices in your area, this will sure save you a lot of money. A second way to save money on gas is to be aware of any kind of promotional tie-ins available to you. For example, my local big-box grocery store has a mini gas station in its parking lot. For every $100 I spend on groceries (which is getting easier to do with every passing week), they’ll give me a 10 cent per gallon discount on gas. It may not seem like much, but you’ve got to buy gas anyway, and if you can get while picking up some frozen pizzas, AND save some money, why not, right?

Clear out your trunk - Do you use your trunk for extra storage space - hauling around everything that doesn’t fit in your attic? Are you carrying the weight of a person or two, or are you carrying around an actual person or two? Whatever the case may be, the extra weight is costing you fuel efficiency. Clean it out (except for any essentials) and save some gas and money.

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Save Money with Your Car
Save Money with Your Car

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Automotive Automobile Reviews

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