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Road Rage is Out of Control

It seems as though you can’t even leave your house anymore without getting into a fight with someone on the road. What can we blame this on? Is it the failing economy, miserable jobs, broken marriages, or ridiculous amounts of traffic? We can probably go on the assumption that all of these problems can be taken into account for people’s attitudes and rage.

Having an 8 month old, I’m terrified of leaving my house sometimes just knowing that someone is going to be driving an inch from the back of my car, because I have the nerve of going the speed limit instead of 20 mph over it. I’ve heard other parents complaining of the same issues and sadly, parents are having resorting to placing a sticker on their car that says “baby on board,” which still doesn’t prevent the person who needed be at work 20 minutes earlier from trying to hitch their car to the poor person going the speed limit.

People have now taken the law of merging as a recommendation rather than a must, and they don’t even look as they merge onto a road. These people go on the assumption that anyone driving on the road they are merging onto, will just move out of their way. Stop signs have become optional in the mind of these drivers, and yellow lights means to go 90 mph to make sure they aren’t forced to go through that red light.

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Road Rage is Out of Control
Road Rage is Out of Control

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Automotive Automobile Reviews

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