Road Accidents Involving Wild Animals: New Moto Auto Assurance Devis and Insurance

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Road Accidents Involving Wild Animals. Automobile assurance auto en ligne and moto auto assurances in Canada and France. Habitation assurance auto davis tarif and quotes, Canadian cheap motor insurance rates in automotive business company deals. Online car dealer advices for road accidents involving wild animals and reasonable motor insurance deals for women drivers. Purchase new moto auto assurance devis and insure your luxury motorcycle with cheap assurance quotation. Antique vehicle third party insurance adjusters in United States and insurance.

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Road Accidents Involving Wild Animals

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Do you want to insure your property for suitable payments and get the low cost insurance policies from insurers dealers? Subscribe on the hot property insurance news about road accidents involving wild animals placed on-line in «NEW MOTO AUTO ASSURANCE DEVIS» part of our news overview for not yet insured drivers.

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Car Accidents Involving Wild Animals

Based on a report, there were 23,000 vehicle accidents in France involving a wild animal in the year 2008. According to Office de génie écologique (OGE), environmental specialists, this figure is six times more than what occurred in the 1980s. They say that the only explanation for this is that the population of wild animals have increased specifically the wild boar which number has quintupled in the last 20 years. Unfortunately, no one can be held responsible in this type of accident. So does that mean no insurance can cover this? Read below to find out.

* Insurance Claim

The first step is to contact your insurer, who should then be in a position of making a claim to a statutory insurance fund called the Fonds de garantie des assurances obligatoires de dommages (FGAO). This insurance fund acts in relation to ‘hit and run’ accidents, or an accident caused by an uninsured motorist.

The FGAO will consider the claim provided the collision took place on a public road, and that no person could be held responsible. Thus, if the accident was caused by conduct involving an animal breeder or a hunter, then no claim is possible. That said, the fact that a hunt might have been taking place in the area at the time would not necessarily invalidate the claim.

* All Risks Insurance

If you have all risks (tous risques) car insurance in France then any claims arising from the collision will be taken on by your insurance company. These costs would include not only repairs to the vehicle, but also any medical costs arising from the accident or compensation for incapacity.

If there is an excess clause in your policy, then this clause does not operate in relation to collisions involving wild animals, as the excess will be paid by the FGAO, whatever the amount of the excess.

If your all risks policy does not cover the driver (or passengers), then again the FGAO will cover the insurance costs of any claim involving the occupants of the vehicle.

* Third Party Insurance

If you only have a third party (responsabilité civile) insurance cover, the FGAO will cover any damage to your vehicle or personal injury, although the process may well be a more protracted one, due to the greater need in such cases to weed out fraudulent claims.

You will need to provide proof of the accident, including any photographs taken at the scene, although proof is not required where the accident has caused at least a 10% permanent incapacity, hospitalization for at least seven days, or in the event of a fatality.

In order to process the claim, your insurer will appoint an expert to determine the cause of the accident. Their report will then be passed to the FGAO to consider the claim.

* No Claims Bonus

In either case, whether your no-claims bonus would be affected would depend on the terms of your policy. Different insurers apply different rules. If there was a warning sign in the area alerting you to the presence of wild animals, your no-claims bonus could well be reduced.

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"Can I get low cost automobile insurance coverage?"

Many motor drivers time to time ask: "How to find budget auto insurance coverage in Oklahoma City?" or "How to look for cheap automobile ins policy for RV drivers?". The answer is simple: look at the theme "Road Accidents Involving Wild Animals" about new moto auto assurance devis and look at the advices for uninsured motorists from the commercial car insurance providers.

Road Accidents Involving Wild Animals
Road Accidents Involving Wild Animals

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