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Review of TRC Surge Guard: Protecting My RV

The Threat of Expensive Electrical Damage Lurks in Every Campground; TRC Has a SolutionThere’s a hidden danger to your RV lurking at every campground. It doesn’t matter if it’s a seedy, unkempt trailer park or the best-tended motorhome resort; the chance of doing thousands of dollars of damage to the electronic equipment in your rig is there, and there’s a chance you don’t even know about the game of roulette you’re playing.

The danger is in the vital link to shore power. Computers, televisions, microwaves and other electronic appliances are susceptible to power surges and drops–and so is your recreational vehicle. Every time you plug your RV into an external power source, its electronics are at risk. An unexpected power surge or voltage drop can fry all of the electronic devices in your RV, from entertainment equipment to kitchen appliances.

You might assume that lightning strikes are the primary cause of fried circuitboards in RVs. This is not true. Even considering the affinity that thunderstorms and tornadoes seem to have for RV parks, the real threat is much more common than lightning; it’s the power pedestal that provides electricity to each RV site.

The pedestal can zap your RV in a number of ways. Power surges can provide too much power–or not enough. On hot days, when everyone in the RV park turns on the air conditioning at the same time, the voltage drops, creating a “brown-out.” Any voltage that’s above or below the UL standard of 102 to 132 volts can damage your electronics.

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Review of TRC Surge Guard: Protecting My RV
Review of TRC Surge Guard: Protecting My RV

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