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Renault - An Automotive Brotherhood

The French Renault Corporation is a renowned car producer that has been in operation since 1898, although it wasn´t officially founded until the following year. The Renault brothers, Louis, Marcel and Fernand teamed up with a friend, Thomas Evert, to create the company.

It was a match made in heaven. Louis already had experience in designing and building cars. His brothers, while Louis had been off studying engineering, had been working in the textiles firm that their father owned and had the business skills necessary to run a company like Renault.

Louis handled the design and production side of things, while Marcel and Fernand dealt with managing the business.

The Early Years

The first vehicle produced by the brothers was the Renault Voiturette 1CV. They let a friend of their father test drive the new model and he was so impressed with the design and handling that he bought it. The boys were off to a good start!

In 1899, Renault patented the first ever turbocharger and brought out the first production sedan. This early sedan was a true luxury car… it would take the average man ten years to earn the money to buy it!

Deciding that racing would be an excellent way to promote their vehicles, the Renault brothers began to participate in city-to-city races all over France. Louis and Marcel raced their own cars until 1903 when Marcel was killed in a crash during the Paris-Madrid race. His brother never raced again, although the company continued to showcase its vehicles in this manner.

At the very first Grand Prix in 1906, the Renault AK 90CV won not only the race, but international fame. That same year, Fernand had health problems and was forced to retire, leaving just Louis to run the business.


Although Renault was already expanding to produce buses, taxis and cargo vehicles for commercial purposes before World War I broke out, they quickly adapted to the change and began to make tanks and military airplanes as well as ammunition.

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Renault - An Automotive Brotherhood
Renault - An Automotive Brotherhood

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