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Public Transportation Risks for Whiplash

What Riders Should KnowMajor metropolitan cities rely on public transportation to support the commuters coming in and out of the metroplex each day. For many families, the use of public transportation is quite common and is a major part of saving money on the family budget by reducing the wear and tear, and other expenses associated with driving a vehicle. If you use public transportation on a frequent basis, there are some health issues you should be familiar with especially complications associated with whiplash.

Whiplash is a condition described as a sudden traumatic injury to the neck and cervical region. When in a bus or on a subway, it is not uncommon to experience a sudden and brunt force whipping of the neck. This type of complication is especially common when subways or buses stop suddenly and passengers are unaware of the stop and do not have their bodies properly braced. Whiplash, when suffered, brings about significant neck pain and can lead to complications involving mobility and complications associated with headache pain and vision disturbance.

To prevent whiplash while riding in a public bus or subway system, you will want to first become very familiar with the route the bus or subway may be taking. Being familiar with the stops, and knowing when to expect them, is important so that you can brace your body accordingly.

In addition to knowing your route, you will also want to be sure you are familiar with the equipment on the bus or subway that can be used to brace the impact of any sudden movements. It is always best to be seated on the transportation and use arm rails to hold your body in position. When unable to sit, use hand grasps or poles that are in proximity and keep your feet firmly planted to the ground about shoulder-width apart. In doing so, you can keep control over your body movements better.

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Public Transportation Risks for Whiplash
Public Transportation Risks for Whiplash

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