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Preparing your car for sale

There are a number of reasons why people wish to sell their car, it could be that they are just looking to upgrade their under powered model, or they need a larger car for a new family. Whatever the reason, it is more than likely that you’ll need to sell your current car to help fund your new one.

Preparing your car for sale

When selling your car, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your car has the best possible chance for a sale.

Pricing: Pricing your car right in the first place is the most important step, as a hefty price tag for your motor will deter all potential buyers. Be sure to do some research on the current value of your car, and put it up for around that amount. Take into consideration any damage or missing parts when pricing your car, the lower the initial price is, the more interest you will generate.

Service: A car with a good or full service history will be appealing to buyers. Try and find all the documents you can to back up your history claims.

Damage and replacement: Before selling your car, try and fix everything you can, and highlight to any potential buyer what problems still remain. Touching up some minor scratches, replacing that faulty bulb and replacing a couple of dust caps will help sell your car.

Cleaning: Ensure your car is as clean as possible, this will show any potential buyers that you take pride and care for the car.

Tax and MOT: Make sure your car is taxed and that it has an MOT, it is preferred that there is a few months left on each, so the buyer doesn’t have to worry about getting it straight away. If it’s due, come to an agreement and offer to sort it for them before they commit to buying.

Insurance: It goes without saying that your car should be insured, but just keep in mind that your car may be test driven; make sure you’re covered for this.

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Preparing your car for sale
Preparing your car for sale

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