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Pre-existing Conditions

Definition: Pre-existing conditions are medial problems one had when they obtained their health insurance coverage or at the time they enrolled in their health insurance coverage.

When one obtains health insurance and is applying for coverage through their employer, pre-existing conditions are often not excluded. On the other hand, when one applies for individual health insurance coverage, pre-existing conditions are usually excluded or there is a pre-existing condition exclusion period in which the pre-existing condition will not be covered.

Each state has different laws regarding when and how pre-existing conditions will be covered. In addition, each insurance company varies on their pre-existing conditions exclusions. Examples: Jane went to obtain health insurance from her local insurance agent since she was self-employed. She was currently pregnant and found that since her pregnancy started before obtaining insurance, the delivery of the baby would not be covered in the policy since it was considered a pre-existing condition.

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Pre-existing Conditions
Pre-existing Conditions

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