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Pontiac G6 - The Fast Guy

The G6 came into the market in the middle of the decade and was intended to be the successor of the all-purpose Grand Am. This Pontiac brainchild has a rare sense of style stealing the hearts of the regular sedan market. The beast is fitted with a V6 engine, though ugliness does not by any chance come to play with this car. It has quite a sleek stream-lined body that works well into its 720 times the power of a horse thus giving you a feeling of smooth speed while cruising on a clear highway. The most remarkable of all its features lays on its music, the whoosh of its movement and a well tuned sound system. A number of safety checks are also placed on the car including a standard set of air bags and a fitted anti-theft system thus the car is at most not vulnerable to thievery.

The cars are fitted with a set of three point safety belts which adds to the performance and style making the unit quite a respectable machine on the road. The G6 is attractively priced with the 2009 model going for as low as $15,000 and a high price of $29,000 being charged on the car. Quite a range of styles are incorporated into the model including a coupe design and a convertible G6.

The power steering does give an edge to your control of the Pontiac’s speed and coupled with a firm torque, the G6 is bound to give you command over the other cars on the highway. With one of the best EPA ratings on the highway, the G6 boasts a body that carries an allure for its admirers matching its capacity for power and the inbuilt 6-speed transmission.

The five spoke chrome rims do not need any explaining as to why the G6 isn’t your generic sedan; the sheen it carries is enough statement as to the car’s standing in company of those of its own genre.

The only shortfall on the G6’s score card is its engine, however good its performance is, it lacks the finesse of features associated with other sedans. A lot of work has been placed on the standard features, both in the sedan, coupe and convertible markets. Inclusion of a satellite radio for reception of content from a wider range of providers as well as a telescoping wheel makes for quite a memorable driving experience.

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Pontiac G6 - The Fast Guy
Pontiac G6 - The Fast Guy

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Pontiac Car Coverage Co for Vehicle

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