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Pickup Bed Covers: Which is Best for You?

If you own a pickup truck, a cover for the bed can be a wise investment. It provides added security for whatever you may be storing back there and also makes your truck look a little nicer. But can you decide on which one is best for your situation? Here are a few tips on picking one out.

As we all know, pickup bed covers look good, but you need to think about a few other things too. Do you keep your pickup locked away in your garage most of the time, or is it parked on the street? Is it outside, exposed to the elements? Are there items of value sitting in the bed that someone could possibly steal? Security is the most common reason for drivers to purchase pickup truck bed covers.

Pickup bed covers also come in different varieties. There are simple, soft rollover covers that get the job done without much hassle. Pickup bed covers also come in a vaulted, hard style that look more like an extension of the pickup truck, especially when you purchase a color that matches the paint of the truck. Pickup truck bed covers come in many different shapes and sizes, so choose carefully.

If you’re carrying cargo in your pickup bed be sure to keep in mind how much you’ve got and its height and weight. A rollover style pickup bed cover won’t accomadate tall machinery or other items unless they can be safely placed on their sides. A taller, vaulted pickup bed cover would work more nicely in that case.

Considering our current economic conditions, you’ll probably be considering the price of the pickup bed cover just as much as any other feature. The custom painted, vaulted hard covers will be, without a doubt, the most expensive. If you can find one of these covers that matches your truck without having to get it a custom paint job, you’re in luck and won’t be spending as much cash as the next guy. Alternatively, you can keep your new pickup bed cover whatever color you bought it as and just ignore the fact that the colors don’t match, if you’re okay with that. The option that’s easiest on your wallet is the soft, rollover pickup bed cover. The soft version will cost you one third to one quarter as much as the hard version.

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Pickup Bed Covers: Which is Best for You?
Pickup Bed Covers: Which is Best for You?

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