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Phillips X-Treme 80% Headlight Bulbs Review

I am going to tell you the difference the new Phillips X-Treme +80% bulbs can make on your Civic. These bulbs are known to be stock wattage so they won’t burn out fast or melt your wires. Yet they still manage to put out a great deal more light. They are also made of quartz glass and, they are NOT coated, so they look stock to oncoming drivers but there is a major difference in light intensity, contrast and depth. Before using New Phillips x-treme Bulbs I used other varieties. The bulbs I had on my car were Mtec bulbs 2x (I have also used many others and the Mtec 4x but they burned out too fast or didn’t have enough contrast), my Mtec’s had more coverage than stock and a little brighter but lacked intensity and contrast. Philips X-Treme Power claims to be 80% brighter and Os-ram Night Breaker 90% brighter. Based on reading many web tests, owner’s opinions etching decided that the Philips product was my personal choice. The bulbs were installed in a 1999 Triumph Dayton 1200 Special Edition. This motorcycle has two H4 headlight bulbs. The headlights are made by removing the windscreen. Then remove the Allen screws that are hold the instruments in place, and unscrew the speedometer cable. This will allow you to move the instruments aside sufficiently to access the headlights. Then, Remove the plugs from the back of the headlight bulbs, remove the rubber boot, swing to the side the wire that holds the bulbs in place. Remove the OM bulbs and replace with Philips X-Treme Power (or your bulb of choice). The bulb glass has a skin of acid; it will shorten service life, if touched. If you touch them, clean with ethylated spirit and dry before installing. To test the OM vs. Philips X-Treme Power, I placed the motorcycle across my lawn. I placed two white stakes 10 yards (9.144 meters) apart and 50 yards (45.72 m) in front of the motorcycle. There, I placed a small Piece of wood Stick between the white stakes and another 12 yards (10.97m) beyond them. The wood stick is therefore 62 yards (56.69m) from the motorcycle. This stick can only be seen in the high beam photos as it is beyond the reach of the low beams.

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Phillips X-Treme 80% Headlight Bulbs Review
Phillips X-Treme 80% Headlight Bulbs Review

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