Pebble Beach Ferrari Absurdity #468: Vans Companies and Ferrari Ins Quotes on Auto Machine

Ferrari Ins Quotes on Auto Machine
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Pebble Beach Ferrari Absurdity #468

Enzo Ferrari hammer

Spotted among the Pentagon-priced tsotchkes on sale at Pebble Beach, this brand-new ball-peen hammer, indistinguishable from a $19.95 Home Depot special except for a label that reads ”As used by Enzo Ferrari,” was priced at $3000. Three. Thousand. Dollars. Also on sale was a Q-tip like the ones used by Niki Lauda and some pocket lint from the same cotton-twill trousers as those preferred by Juan Manuel Fangio.

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Pebble Beach Ferrari Absurdity #468
Pebble Beach Ferrari Absurdity #468

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Ferrari Ins Quotes on Auto Machine

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