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Oklahoma Says Goodbye to Gasoline Car

Will Wheego’s Whip Make You Say Good-bye to Gasoline cars?Oklahoma says goodbye to the gasoline car. The electric car will be seen all over Oklahoma soon. Wheego’s $19,000 Whip, will sell for under $3000 because of tax credits. According to Michael S. McQuary, CEO,
Oklahoma has the most progressive state tax so it was chosen for a location to assemble the electric car.

Goodbye Gasoline cars, Hello New Electric cars

The gasoline car may be replaced by sales of the new electric car which are scheduled for summer, 2010. The fuel efficient car, Wheego Whip LSV, qualifies for both Oklahoma State Tax Credit of 50% and $7500 Federal Tax Credit.

The Whip drives a top speed of 35 mph with plans to produce another fuel efficient car with top speed of 65 mph the following year. A four-seat, new electric car will be offered after that.

The Electric car by Wheego

According to Mr. McQuary, the Whip uses about as much electricity as a refrigerator. This new electric car operates at 1/10th the cost of the gasoline car making it a huge fuel saving vehicle.

Since Americans spend over $4 billion per week out of our nation for oil, this new electric car will save fuel and eliminate a dependency on other countries. Add to this the technological advances in electric batteries and chargers in recent years, and people could line up to purchase the fuel saving, new electric car.

Features of Wheego Whip new electric car:

- Full size interior
- Up to 50 miles range per charge, 6-8 hour charge range
- DOT & Standard 500 Compliant (LSV)
- Air conditioning & heater
- Front wheel drive with four wheel disc brakes
- State of the art stereo system
- 118.5″length, 63.2″ wide and 63″ high with 6.7″ ground clearance

Movie Star Fuel Efficient cars:

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Oklahoma Says Goodbye to Gasoline Car
Oklahoma Says Goodbye to Gasoline Car

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